MODULE OUTLINE Created: 12-Jul-2012, Updated: 05-Dec-2016
Module Code GS6883A
Semester Semester 2, 2016/2017
Modular Credits 2
Faculty NUS Grad Sch For Integrative Sci & Engg
Department NUS Grad Sch For Integrative Sci & Engg
Timetable Timetable/Teaching Staff
Module Facilitators
DR Rafi Rashid Coordinator
ASSOC PROF Lee Guat Lay, Caroline Lecturer
ASSOC PROF Rajasekhar BALA Lecturer
ASSOC PROF Lisa Ng Fong Poh Lecturer
Laurent Renia Lecturer
DR Alex Mitchell Lecturer
DR Chisholm, Ryan Alistair Co-Lecturer
MDM Siti Zubaidah Ramli Others
MISS Ham Yee Woon, Jenny Co-Lecturer
DR Lu Weiquan Lecturer
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Learning Outcomes | Schedule | Assessment

The module consists of a series of lectures and discussions/presentations that would provide students with an interdisciplinary exposure and knowledge foundation for selected research areas/themes that are of prime importance to humankind, and where interdisciplinary science and engineering are frequently practiced. Some of these areas are traditional strategic areas which NUS have great research strength in, and others are emerging areas of intense interest. Each theme is taught and coordinated by two instructors, who will contribute to different, yet complementary, perspectives of the theme. The areas/themes shall include “infectious agents and global pandemics”, “Omics”, “Renewable Energy”, “Human-Computer Interactions” and “Environmental problems/climate change”.

GS6883A schedule for Sem 2, AY2016-17

Instructors Date Time Venue
On cross disciplinary learning Dr Rafi Rashid Lecture: 09 Jan 2017 (Monday)
3 attendance points
3pm to 5pm for lectures
3pm to 5.30pm for presentations
Multi- Purpose Room, CeLS Level 1
Global Environmental Problems A/Prof Balasubramanian Rajasekhar
Dr Ryan Chisholm
Lectures: 16 Jan 2017
(Monday) 3 attendance points
Presentations: 23 Jan 2017
(Monday) 3 attendance points
The power of “Omics” A/P Caroline Lee
Dr Rafi Rashid
Lectures: 06 Feb 2017 (Monday) 3 attendance points
Presentations: 13 Feb 2017 
(Monday) 3 attendance points
Human-Computer Interactions Dr Alex Mitchell
Dr Lu Weiquan
Lectures: 30 Mar 2017 (Thursday)
Time: 10 am to 12 pm

3 attendance points
Presentations: 06 Apr 2017 (Thursday)
Time: 10 am to 12.30 pm

3 attendance points
Infectious agents and global pandemics
A/Prof Lisa Ng
Prof Laurent Renia
Lectures: 13 Mar 2017 (Monday)
3 attendance points
Presentations: 20 Mar 2017 (Monday)
3 attendance points

Assessment format %
Student presentations (2 topics/individual, group format) 50
Final Exam (close-book, MCQ) 40
Class attendance  10

Final Examination: Monday, 24 April 2017, 3pm to 4pm, MCQs
Exam Venue: NGS Multipurpose Room (MPR), CeLS Building