Open Syllabus lists only the module syllabus on the Integrated Virtual Learning Environment (IVLE).
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(Part 2 by Prof KC Ng) ??????????? 1111 1945-2010 2013 20th century 21st century 3D object representation A7 Abnormal accounting ACSEP - Non Profit Sector action Activism Addiction Addictive Behaviors ADOLESCENCE ADOLESCENT ADOLESCENT PSYCHOLOGY; Advanced Bioinformatics advanced concept advantage advertising aesthetics Ageing agile supply chains aging Aging and Health ai air pollution algorithm algorithms Alice and Peter Tan analog analysis analytics anatomic imaging animation techniques anime anthropology APN apoptosis Applied theatre appraisal appreciation Arabic 2 Archaeology architecture Arctic art Arts ASEAN Asia Asia-Pacific Asian Asian Business Insights assessment attending conferences attention audio auditory award awards b2 BA2 Bahasa balance Balance laws band structure bank management Basic-Math Behavioral Economics belonging Berde Bible Big big-data bilinguals Biochemistry biochemistry. biodiversity bioengineering biofuels Bioinformatics biology Biomed Biomedical Biomedicine biopharmaceutical biophysics Biopolitics bioprocess bioprocessing bioremediation Bioscientist biostatistics birds BIZANALYTICS blank forms BMA5013_P1 BMA5321 Bonding bonding in solids Bootstrap borders BRIC brunei BSP 1005 Sanjeev Buddhism Buddhist Philosophy Building systems business business-analytics by Dr. Huszar cache CAD Calculus Cambodia campaign campaigns camtasia tutorial cancer Cancer nanotechnology Capitalism CAPM CAPT CAPT Capstone Experience carcer Cardiovascular career CB CEE cell Cell biology cell death cell signaling Cengage Certificate Certification CFD Chains Chan channel Chaos Characterizations chemical children China CHINESE Chinese linguistics Choson Christian Literature Christianity CIL circuit cities citizen science city Civil Society class classroom climate climatology clinical cloud Cloud Computing Club Clusters cnm code of conduct coding cognition College College Green colonialism combinatorics commercial Commodity Common Law communication communication management communications community Companies Company compbio competition complex Complex analysis 2013 complexanalysis Compressible aerodynamics compressible-flows compression computational biology computational chemistry computational physics Computational Thinking computer architecture computer graphics Computer Technologies computer vision computing conflict Consulting Consulting Practicum Consumption contaminant content analysis Continuum mechancis coral corporate Corrosion cosmopolitanism Costing counselling creative creativity credit crime criminal crisis critical thinking CRM CryoEM workshop crystal orbitals crystal structure Crystal Structures cs CSR Cultural cultural production Cultural Studies culture Culture-Centered Approach CV CV Book CVPR Daoism data data analysis data structure database DataMining DCCians DE5106 Death Decision decision-analytics decision-making decision-science decision-sciences Decisions Decolonization derivatives Descriptive Design DESIGN 2 Deutsch 3 Developing Development DEVELOPMENTAL Deviance DFT dgms diaspora Dieter Rams difference Differential digital Digitalisation Diplomacy disability disaster disasters discourse discrete event disorders Dissipative mechanicsms distributed documents domestic politics Drawing Duke-NUS Dying DynamicProgramming dynamics E-Bike e-business E-cat e-commerce East Asia ECA5333 ecological data analysis ecological statistics Ecology Economic Economics economy ecotoxicology editing education EE2011E EFP eGovernment EI elearning ELECTIONS Electricity Electrodynamics electromagnetics electronics Emerging enablement endocrime disrupter energy Enginclub engineering Engineering Statistics English enlightenment ENTERPRISE JAVA entertainment Entrepreneurial Marketing entrepreneurship Entreprenuerial Marketing Entropy envirnmental environment environmental biology Environmental Law Environmental research Enzymes EPA epidemiology Epigenetics equity ESP ethics ethnicity EU Euqations European everyday life evolution Evolution of Development examination excavation experimental research exploratory eye witness facade fate Feedback feminism femmefatale fibre Fichte Fieldwork film filmnoir FIN2004 Finance - J2 & J3 FIN2004_J08/J09 finance financial Financial Economics Financial Economics II Financial Mgt Actg Financial Modeling financial statements finite automata Finite Element finite element analysis finite element method Floaters flower flows Fluid Mechanics II fluids FLUIDS II FON food Forcing Foreign foreign language foreign policy forensic formal languages Foucault foundation Foundations fractal Fracture Mechanics fraud Freshman seminar FTFI Fulltime functional imaging Fundamentals of Nursing Games Gandhi GDPM GEM Gender Genesis genre Geography Geolab German GermanIdealism GIS Global global cities Global Governance global operations global warming globalisation Globalization governance governmentality Goyal GPU grammar grammars Graph Theory Graph-Theory Graphical Markov Models graphics graphs greenhouse gases guestlecture Hacktivism Hadoop hands-on design hands-on project hazard hazards hci health health professionals Heart Heat Hegel help hi-tech hidden Hindi 1 Hindi 2 Hindi 3 history History of Filth History of Medicine History of Philosophy Homer Honours Thesis Honours_year_prep Horticulture hpc HT http human vision humanities humanrights humantrafficking Humour hybrid imaging IAAS IC ICPOES ICT ICT technologies ideas Ideas and Exposition identity ideology image image & video processing image processing imaging Incubation Independent Study india induction program Industrial Industrial Aerodynamics industrial toxicology industrialisation infectiousdisease Infinity infocomm systems information systems innovation Innovative Inorganic Insect Insects int_finance Integrated Integration Intellectual Intelligence interaction Interaction design interface intermediaries International international politics international relations International Trade internet Internship Intro. to Aeroelasticity Introduction Invariant Investment InvestmentBanking investments IO IP ir ISE Islam ISM IT IT Project Management ITPM IVLE Jan-2014 japan Japanese language John journalism jpeg junior seminar Kellogg kinship Korea Korean peninsula Krishnamurthy lab Lab practicals of CM1502 labor Labour Lai Ah Eng language laser law Leadership and Ethics Leadership enrichment Learning Learning outcomes Lebesgue legacies legal leisure life Life course and ageing linguistic theory Linguistics literacy literacy theory literary literature Living machines Logic LSM3224 LSM4255 LX5103 macro macro3 MacroIII Magnetism Malaysia management Management Accounting mangrove MAP mapping Market Market Zoom marketing MarketZoom master material Materials Materials_Genome Math mathematics MATRIX Maxwell Equations MDG5218 measure MEASUREMENT mechanics mechanism Mechanobiology mechatronics medchem media medicinal medicine MEM messages Meta-Ethics Metabolic Metabolic cycle meteorology methodology Methods MEU micro microfabrication Microscopy migrants migration military mind mining MIT Mkt1003_B2 MKT1003_B5 MKT1003_B7 ML MLE Mod India: its Making model model-checking Modeling modelling models Modern British History MOdule to test aims molecular orbital theory Mondays Monism Monte Carlo MOOC morality movies mpeg MUA3214 multi core multi-core multiculturalism multimedia museums music mutagen names Nano nano-size materials Nanomedicine Nanoscience Nanotechnology nation-building nationalism Neo-Confucianism Network networking networks neurobiology Neurology Neuroscience New Media new product development news Nietzsche nm2219 nm3215 nm4200 normative theory North nuclear number theory numerical method Numerical methods numerical PDEs NUR1114 nus NUS CFA nutrition Nutrition and Health NVPC ocean oceanography Odyssey Oedipus Rex OERs offender older adults online discussion open design open science Opera operational research operations operations-management operations-research optical optical microscopy Optimal Control Part 2 optimization Optoelectronics oral oral communication oral history oratory Organic organisms Organization ORIENTATION Orientation 2012-2013 ornithology Orthodox Islam PAAS palliative Paradox Parallel Parallel architectures parallel computing participatory design partition functions Pathogens Pauline epistles peasants Pedagogy peer-to-peer perception Performance studies personal personhood PFCL pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Analysis pharmacy Pharmacy Physiology PhD Handbooks philosophy phonetics photography physics physiology PIL 2012-13 Semester 2 place Plagiarism planning Planning Theory plant Plasticity play playwrights poetics poison policy policy processes politeness Political political economy POLITICAL PARTIES political science politics pollution pop culture popular culture population population forecasting positive Positive Psychology postmodernism power PP5269 pr PR writing PR5220 Practical practice pragmatics Pre-BAC Pre-BBA Pre-BBA(Acc) Preclusions Prep Preparation Preparatory preparing posters presentation skills preservation of culture pricing prizes Probability problem-based learning processing processor product Product Development products Prof Jay Narayanan Professional Conduct professional Development programming project Project Management projects proliferation promotion Propulsion Protein proteins PS5316/PS5316R PSE psycholinguistics Psychological psychological assessment Psychology psychology corrections psychopathology psychopathy public Public Administration public health public policy public speaking publichealth Purchasing Strategy QESH qualifiying qualifying quality Quan Quant Quantitative Quantum quantum chemistry quantum mechanics R R&D race Radical Islam random variate randomness Real Estate real estate markets realestate reason regenerative medicine regional networking regional politics regions rehabilitation relatedness Relations Religion renewable energy reporting reproductive toxicant research Research Methods resolution resources Resume retail demand forecast Retailing revolution Riemann Surfaces risk assesment risk management ritual RNR rubber rules rural SA37 AD Project SAAS SAFETY Safety Care Video satellite scanning probe microscopy Schelling schools of thought science science fiction Scientific Communication SDE SE Asia search Second language learning Sectional secularization Securities security Selected UROPS project selective module SEMASIOLOGY seminar sentencing services sfx Shakespeare signaling simulation Singapore Singapore Economy Singapore Economy History Singapore politics Skills soc social Social Innovation social intervention social media social networks social policy socialmedia socialwork society software Solid state solids solvent Song Ming Budd Dao sound sounds South South Asia Southeast Asia southeast asia in context southeastasia Space spatial statistics speaking SPECIALIST WORKS Spectra of Inorganics spectroscopic techniques spectroscopy speech speeches Spinoza Spore ST3241 stalkers Start-ups startup State Statics statistical mechanics statistics stochastic models Stochastic Processes strategic STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT ???? strategies strategy streaming structure STS Student Affairs Sufi supercomputing supernatural supply-chain supply-chain-management surface phenomenon Sustainability sustainability strategy SVD Synthesis system development systems TE2003 TechLaunch technical topics techno-politics technological technological imaginary Technology Technopreneurship telescopes template territory test Testing Testing Purpose Thai Thaiart The Idea of Nation theatre theoretical Theories of language theories of literacy theory theory in planning theory of computing theory of planning Thermodyanmics thermodynamics thinking Tiantai tissue engineering TNCs Tolerance tourism toxicant toxicity toxicology translational Tropical Medicine tutorials UGGlobalStrategy ui UPIP urban Urban anthropology urban design urban development urban regeneration urban renewal Urban Studies urban sustainability Urban theory urbanisation urbanism US US-China relations user experience user networks users UTown ux valuation variables Vector verification Victorian video video processing Video test module violence Visual voice vulnerability war warehouse waste Wave Optics weather web webcast women wooden sticks workshop world cities worldclass Writing writing papers writing reading reviews Zen

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